Learn How to Use Blockchain Technology for Good

Learn How to Use Blockchain Technology for Good

by Do Big Things • Nonprofit Tech •

Do Big Things just hosted a webinar, Beyond Bitcoin: Can Blockchain be Used for Good? in April. Register to get access to the recording of our fantastic panelists and moderator:

  • Cheryl Contee, CEO of Do Big Things LLC & Advisor with STEMchain.io
  • Cordell Carter, Executive Director of the Socrates Program at the Aspen Institute
  • Cameron Black, Distinguished Engineer of Blackbaud
  • Rosalyn Lemieux, Director of Blackbaud Labs (moderator)

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We shared the latest on blockchain’s distributed power to help organizations & individuals create more social good through causes. We started high-level with what is blockchain and then dug into some real world use-cases for causes & campaigns. We landed on how YOU can get started understanding how this new tech may impact you in the future. The audience asked the panelists great questions in the Q&A.