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Learn How to Use Blockchain Technology for Good

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“Beyond Bitcoin: Can Blockchain be Used for Good?” We loved having so many people join us! Watch our webinar about blockchain for good with these expert panelists, and get up to speed on this tech trend and its potential impact on the social good space.
Our fantastic panelists and moderator:

  • Cheryl Contee, CEO of Do Big Things LLC & Advisor with
  • Cordell Carter, Executive Director of the Socrates Program at the Aspen Institute
  • Cameron Black, Distinguished Engineer of Blackbaud
  • Rosalyn Lemieux, Director of Blackbaud Labs (moderator)

In the webinar video, we share the latest on blockchain’s distributed power to help organizations & individuals create more social good through causes. The panelists start high-level, with a definition of what blockchain is, and then dug into some real world use-cases for causes & campaigns. Ultimately, we land on how YOU can get started understanding how this new tech may impact you in the future. Thank you to the fantastic audience for asking the panelists great questions in the Q&A!

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