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5 Sources to Keep Track of Social Media Platform Changes

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As digital practitioners, it’s part of our jobs to be on top of every single change every single social media platform makes. But I know, it can be a lot to track each platform on its own. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of key resources that track different platforms and their updates.

Vocal Verified
Vocal Verified tracks trends on TikTok, especially in the impact space. Each edition highlights trending sounds, key viral moments, and stand-out events or moments that should be capitalized on the platform.

Social Media Today
This site is a great guide to the more technical side of social media. From different testing options and tracking, this archive captures the latest and greatest updates to all of our favorite social media platforms. 

Though known as a posting and reporting platform, Hootsuite compiles platform updates regularly. It’s even possible to filter updates by platform! It’s a great all-in-one resource to find out what’s going on in the platforms. 

Known as a major social media listening tool, Meltwater also has comprehensive blog posts on everything from influencer marketing to reporting to actual platform updates. It’s a great hub for everything communications-related.

This might not be the traditional go-to for social media platform updates, but it’s a good source for seeing how social media interacts with politics and D.C. beyond just posting.

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