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DBT’s Midterm 2022 Wins

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The 2022 election cycle demanded creativity and innovation on the digital front from progressive campaigns up and down the ballot. Despite the headwinds of inflation, a struggling economy, and fluctuating approval ratings, Democrats stood their ground. Keeping the focus on the values of democracy, economic security and personal freedom helped voters understand the high stakes in this cycle. 

Our team brought high doses of enthusiasm and inventiveness to each and every client with whom we had the privilege to partner. Do Big Things is proud of the success advocacy organizations, candidates up and down the ballot, state caucuses, labor unions, and progressive action groups spanning the United States experienced working shoulder to shoulder with us.

These victories inspire our team to continue pushing the boundaries of an always-changing political and digital landscape. We will continue to provide the new narratives and new tech needed in this new era to solve the new challenges campaigns and initiatives of all stripes face. Here is a roundup of a few wins we’d like to share as we all turn our attention toward 2024.

DBT Victories in Battleground States

Faith Works – Supporting Reverend Raphael Warnock

This cycle, Do Big Things teamed up with Faith Works, a new coalition representing faith leaders from over 1000 churches in Georgia, to mobilize their communities to vote. Our innovative campaign used negative comments from social media to encourage young Black men with religious backgrounds to get their souls to the polls. Through organic social media content and an aggressive digital advertising campaign, Faith Works helped boost turnout throughout the state among demographic groups most affected by new voting restrictions.

Faith Works – Sample Social Media Inspired Ad:

Faith Works – Sample Digital Ad:

Somos Votantes

During the midterms, Do Big Things worked with Somos Votantes to reach Latino voters in Georgia and North Carolina with both persuasion and GOTV ads in English and Spanish. DBT did extensive data research to better understand the largest Latin American diaspora groups in each state so that we could tailor language to them. This cultural competence made a difference in GOTV. Through a combination of audio, video, in-game, and static ads across platforms, we were able to reach more than 3 million Latino voters in the general election.

Somos Spanish Language Rev. Raphael Warnock Digital Ad

Pennsylvania State Education Association – supporting Josh Shapiro for Governor and John Fetterman for Senate

Do Big Things helped PSEA reach voters across the state of Pennsylvania with concise, statistics-based messages about the importance of supporting Josh Shapiro as the next governor of Pennsylvania — the message hinged on the exorbitant funding cuts proposed by his opponent, Doug Mastriano. DBT met the  dual challenge of reaching both voters statewide with nonpartisan messages about education and mobilizing PSEA’s 100,000+ membership base with specific Shapiro/Mastriano messages. Our team brought cutting-edge, competitive techniques to the table such as influencer engagement. One of our most effective strategies was outreach to the new grassroots – influencers and creators across social media. Local nano-influencers have high trust and strong engagement with their audiences, and influencers’ voices made a difference in GOTV to support Fetterman’s Senate campaign.

Democratic Attorneys General Association

This year, the Democratic Attorneys General Association had four marquee races: Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, and Wisconsin, where all the incumbent attorneys general were at risk of losing to far-right candidates.

Do Big Things continued our partnership with DAGA this cycle as we ran a comprehensive email fundraising program and ads campaign that reached hundreds of thousands of people across the country with exciting, informative content that showed how high the stakes were for these critical law enforcement officials. 
Our email and ads programs reached their intended audience to raise money, and DAGA won all four key races with DBT’s help.

DBT Victories in Battleground States

Passing cannabis legalization in Maryland

Do Big Things worked with the “Yes On 4” campaign to provide social media support for Maryland’s cannabis-legalization ballot measure. Question 4, which passed with overwhelming support, not only legalized adult-use cannabis statewide but did so with a focus on undoing the damages caused to Black and Brown communities by the War on Drugs

By expunging records and ending the incarceration of those currently held in prison on cannabis-related charges, as well as creating a Cannabis Business Assistance Fund to help minority- and women-owned businesses seeking to enter the legal cannabis market, cannabis legalization in Maryland will benefit the communities historically most impacted by its criminalization.

Shoring up State Legislatures in a Post-Dobbs America

Maryland Democratic House Caucus

Do Big Things partnered with the Maryland Democratic House Caucus to help expand their majority. At the start of the election cycle, DBT and the House Caucus grappled with the question: how do we get voters excited about down ballot candidates in a tough election cycle. By running digital ads and following those ads with corresponding direct mail, our candidates were able to communicate their message to their target audience through different mediums. In multiple races, because of these strategies, MD House candidates outperformed the top of the ticket in key counties. This helped deliver a veto-proof majority to the first Black governor in Maryland’s history, while Speaker Adrienne Jones will continue to lead the MD Caucus.

Helping Great Democratic Candidates Launch Their Journeys into Higher Offices

Esther Panitch – Georgia State House

Esther Panitch faced a redrawn map for GA State District 51 and a stiff challenge. When the only Jewish state legislator in the state decided not to seek re-election, Panitch stepped forward. With anti-semitism on the rise, we know that representation matters. She will now take her place as the only Jewish member of the state legislature. Esther is an emerging leader to watch, and our digital-first campaign helped her win with a double-digit lead, outperforming the top of the ticket.

Nick Miller – Pennsylvania State Senate

After an expensive primary, Nick Miller partnered with Do Big Things to help him get to the finish line. Through targeted static ads and traditional ads in different mediums, DBT was able to build on Miller’s name ID and beat a well known opponent. DBT employed relevant creative content to break through the noise at the top of the ticket to get to voters where they are at. Latinos were a major target for the MIller campaign, so DBT created ads in Spanish and targeted Spanish speakers through traditional Spanish media, podcasts, and YouTube. Through a mix of creative that was targeted and relevant to voters, DBT was able to send Nick to Harrisurg to continue to fight for the residents of Lehigh Valley.

The successes of this historic midterm election cycle mean that our team is more motivated than ever. The election is not yet over and we’re passionate about ensuring we win in the GA runoff. We’re eager to tackle whatever challenges 2023 throws our way, and are confident in our continued ability to help progressive candidates and organizations cut through the noise and mobilize their supporters to take action. 
We’d love to hear about your goals and plans for 2023 and 2024. Let’s continue the conversation to see if we are a good fit to help you win. Reach out to ask questions or talk to us – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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