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We Built This

Engaging black and queer communities through the celebration of art, pop culture and politics.

#WeBuiltThis is an online community formed as a project of the Open Society Foundation.

Mobilizing real people

DBT provided creative digital strategy and program execution to reach low information voters in TX, OH, GA and FL using influencer engagement, creative video ads and launching the WYD Weekly podcast.

What We Did

  • Digital Strategy
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Media Program

After a mention in the 2016 opening skit on ABC’s Blackish, we caught fire and ushered in some of the best creative minds around our table, making us the largest community based non-partisan digital storytelling arm for the movement.

Partnering with the Movement for Black Lives, The Electoral Justice Project, Studio Be and more,  DBT and Open Society were able to widen the entry point for political education and mobilize a critical mass to disrupt the current political system 2016 & 2018 reaching more than 1.3M people.


people reached across all major social platforms


people reached using new and emerging technology


people reached on Election Day
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